5 Possible Side Effects of Collagen

Having Marine Collagen supplementation in your diet on a daily basis has many advantages, notably healthier hair, skin, and nails. It’s also normal to be concerned about the safety as well as any side effects whenever you add a new supplement or product to your regular routine. If you’re concerned, keep reading because we’ll go over what to anticipate about the possible collagen side effects that you may experience before you start taking it.

Overall, there aren’t many negative effects, complaints or warnings associated with the use of collagen peptides. However, everyone’s body responds to substances differently because the body condition of each individual is unique. Here’s 5 possible side effects of collagen:

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1. Can it cause allergic reactions?

Marine Collagen is made from fish. As long as you don’t have a fish allergy, it shouldn’t trigger allergic reactions. Collagen side effects like skin rashes, itching or swelling are uncommon. If you encounter any adverse reactions, stop taking collagen right away. Please consult a healthcare professional for assistance if your symptoms don’t go away.

2. Does collagen cause stomach upset?

As part of the digestion process, collagen is normally well accepted. Some people may experience mild bloating or stomach upset, which should pass rather quickly. Taking Marine Collagen in excess of our daily recommended amount of 12 grams per day may also cause stomach discomfort and gas.

3. Bad aftertaste in mouth

Generally, some people complain about the taste of collagen powder. If you have a high taste sensitivity or are new to collagen, there can be a mild aftertaste after drinking Marine Collagen. While there are many different grades and qualities of collagen peptides available on the market, the source of the reported taste is actually caused by the collagen itself.

Nevertheless, the premium collagen peptides used in LA COLLE Marine Collagen are tasteless and odourless. Instead of adding any other sweetener or artificial additive, we thoughtfully prepared it with a mild and delicate fruit aroma. For those who are worried about the taste, we suggest mixing it with a juice or a smoothie, whichever works best for you.

4. Can collagen cause weight gain?

You shouldn’t put on weight if you take collagen supplements unless there are other additives or fillers. Since Marine Collagen is made up of fish protein, it induces satiety because the protein can make you feel full. What’s more, your body will get the nutrients in their purest form as they contain no other unnecessary substances.

5. What happens when you stop taking collagen?

When you stop ingesting collagen, the production of collagen in your body will return to its natural rate. You won’t experience any adverse effects straight away, but you could miss out on the long-term benefits of collagen.

It’s not uncommon if you’re worried about the possible side effects of collagen. Thankfully, collagen has not been related to any severe negative effects. Additionally, supplementing marine collagen has many benefits that promote healthier nails, lustrous hair, and glowing skin.

Discover the benefits of collagen for your skin or get in touch with us for further information.

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